Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is amongst the most misunderstood dental procedures. Whether it is because of movies or an older relative’s story, root canals have gotten a very bad name. The truth is, with modern local anesthesia and treatment techniques, a root canal is about as routine as a filling. They are needed when someone has a toothache or infection, but want to keep their tooth. It is the best way to preserve your natural teeth when they have become infected or painful. Dr Weber performs root canal treatment regularly and is proud to offer that service when patients are in need.

“There are few medical or dental procedures that can immediately relieve someone of profound pain. Helping patients in pain is the most rewarding part of the dental profession. Many people get nervous when they know they need a root canal, but the truth is, I have had many more patients fall asleep during a root canal than complain about the experience!”

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