Straightening Teeth

When most of us think about straightening teeth, we think about growing up in middle or high school, but just like children do, adults of all ages benefit from having straight teeth. There are so many benefits to having well-aligned teeth. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. Straightening teeth can help you chew better and protect your jaw joint. And of course, straight teeth look beautiful. At Love Your Smile Dental Center, we provide multiple options that fit into an adult lifestyle.

Years ago, the orthodontist used to recommend that you wear a retainer after braces for 6 months to 2 years. More recent research has shown that the chances of your teeth becoming crooked after 10 years is a whopping 70%! Even if you followed the instructions you were given, the chances are that your teeth have shifted over the years. Fortunately, the dental profession has devised solutions to this problem.

Invisalign™ Invisalign

Invisalign™ Invisalign is the most esthetic solution to aligning teeth. The trays are nearly invisible and the results are predictable. Through advanced technology, Invisalign™ is able to show exactly how your teeth will move throughout treatment. The trays are worn at all times (except for eating and brushing). For most adults, Invisalign™ is the best solution for achieving straight teeth.

Six Month Smiles™

6MS is a form of adult braces that is designed to get you the smile you want, as quickly as possible. The name comes from the average treatment time ranging from 4-9months. Clear brackets and white wires are carefully bonded to the teeth. If you are someone who struggles with the high level of compliance needed for Invisalign, 6MS takes away that stress. Because the brackets are fixed to your teeth, taking them off and forgetting to put them back in, is not an option. Oral hygiene does take extra effort, but 6 months go by in the blink of an eye!

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