TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is the most complex joint in the body. People often experience pain in this joint, hear noises and even get their mouth locked in an open or closed position. Dr Weber is trained in TMJ treatments to help your protect your jaw joint and alleviate symptoms originating in this complex part of the body.

Bite Splint Therapy

Bite Splint Therapy is a logical and sequential method to help patients overcome jaw joint pain. By using a series of specially designed oral appliances, we can diagnose and treat the vast majority of TMJ problems.

Occlusal Analysis

Occlusion refers to how the teeth come together. More simply put, it is our “bite.” Most people are very unaware of their bite; however, it plays a major role in the function and health of our mouths. Broken teeth, cracked teeth, worn down teeth, muscle pain, headaches, etc. are all issues which could arise from having a problem with your bite. People who have experienced trauma (even relatively mild trauma) to the face or chin, mouth breathing, tooth clenching, have had orthodontics or extensive dentistry and many other things, could be at risk for developing problems with their bite.

One challenge is that, most of the time, the changes happen slowly. This makes it hard for people to notice the changes themselves. If you show signs of excessive tooth wear, cracks, etc. the problem could be fundamental to your bite and Dr Weber may recommend that your bite be evaluated. Dr Weber evaluates your bite in order to determine what would be needed to establish a more stable and even bite position. Knowing the problem is the first step towards correcting it.

Occlusal Adjustment

After the information is gathered from analyzing the bite, we now know what is needed to correct it. These are several treatment modalities to helping patients achieve an ideal and balanced bite, each one is perfectly customized to your needs.

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