Cosmetic Dentistry


White teeth are a big part of a beautiful smile. We have several options to meet the needs of all our patients:


These are disposable trays that mold to the teeth. They are the most affordable option.


Customized whitening trays are precisely formed to the exact shape and contour of your teeth. They are strong and reusable. This is the ideal solution for most patients.

Deep Bleach

For patients looking for the true “Hollywood” white smile, this is the perfect solution. It is also used for patients with severe tetracycline staining or other conditions that give patients very dark teeth.

Bonding – Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Because our bonding materials can adhere to natural teeth, bonding can be used in a way that replaces chips, uneven tooth edges or even the whole front of a tooth without having to damage the tooth in any way. Dr Weber has a very artistic eye for creating perfectly natural-looking teeth. His techniques are minimally invasive to the health of the tooth.


Veneers are arguably the most beautiful dental restoration that exist. Their purpose is to give a tooth a more natural and ideal shape and color. By working with a world-renown master laboratory technician- Josh Polansky- we can deliver a beautiful esthetic result. You will Love Your Smile, period!


Sometimes a patient has more damage to their teeth than veneers can replace. When teeth are more broken down, esthetic crowns are another beautiful treatment solution. Crowns give the laboratory technician the most control over changing the appearance and bite with the natural teeth. Crowns can mask very dark teeth and brighten teeth to your heart’s desire. They are also extremely strong restorations.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Over time, excessive grinding, cavities and/or periodontal disease can leave patients needing not just one or two teeth repaired, but all of their teeth redone. Being open to fully regenerate health to your mouth can change so many aspects to your life. Because large-scale damage to the teeth usually happens more gradually, it can be hard for patients to know when they need to consider having their mouth “redone”. Eating the food you love and being proud of your smile is priceless.

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