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TMJ Treatment

People often experience pain in this joint, hear noises and even get their mouth locked in an open or closed position.

Snoring Prevention

Sleep apnea is happening across America at epidemic proportions. We can help you battle your sleep apnea.

Straightening Teeth

There are so many benefits to having well aligned teeth. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. Straightening teeth can help you chew better and...

Root Canal Therapy

Modern local anesthesia and treatment techniques, a root canal is about as routine as a filling.


Nearly every single dental condition is 100% preventable!

Children’s Dentistry

Performing dental care on children not only requires great skill, but also a great attitude!

We eliminate the inconvenience
of multiple visits


Types of bridges may vary, depending upon how they are fabricated and the way they anchor to the adjacent teeth. Types of bridges may vary, depending upon how they are fabricated and the way.

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Office Manager
“All in all I love what I do for a living. Getting to know each patient helps me understand their needs and it makes it easier for me to help...
Lead Dental Assistant
Pam has a magical way about her that makes all her patients not only feel calm about their dental appointment, but also excited for the visit!

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Dr. Weber is an empathetic, charismatic, and highly intelligent individual who likes to get to know his patients, both inside and out. He develops his dental plans around the patient, letting them feel like they're being put in good hands. He never takes shortcuts and always strives to do his best work each and every time. The staff at Love Your Smile are also extremely sociable and helpful, making you feel like you're with trusted friends and family the moment you walk in the door. I cannot recommend them enough for your next dental appointment!

Thomas M

Dr. Weber is fantastic! I can't believe how much he gives back to the community. This past year, he created molded mouth guards for each player on the Seneca Football team pro bono. My son missed the day he was molding them, but Dr. Weber arranged an alternate date so he could have one as well. I highly recommend Dr. Weber for his professionalism, expertise, and community contribution.

Danielle H

I just recently switched dentist. Dr Weber was THE BEST! He was very gentle and considerate, which I consider to be very important qualities in a dentist. I highly recommend Dr Weber.

Larissa F

Dr. Weber was fantastic. He was very gentle and patient (I asked a lot of questions!). I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. The hygienist was also very kind and did a great job.

Christopher T

The problem was recognized in a timely manor and addressed at the appointment! Dr Richard said that the tooth needed to be removed and he was able to remove it. He was very clear in his informed consent and was able to remove the tooth and roots without any pain!

Ray K

Dr. Rich is a competent caring physician who understands emotional as well as physical pain. He practices dentistry with an evidence based practice that provides education and a superior maintenance objective. For example: he recognized that I had a great deal of pain due to receding gums which left my roots exposed. He addressed this before beginning my scheduled cleaning. It has changed my dental experiences for the best. I look forward to my visits now. Dr. Rich is awesome!!!

Corinne H

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