LYSDC Privacy

Private treatment rooms

Our mouths and our treatment are personal. When you are seated in a treatment room, the last thing you want to hear is a personal conversation between the patient next door and their provider. We also do not want our neighbors hearing the intimate details of our dental condition. This is why we designed the office to make treatment rooms more personal and more private.

Private checkout

Perhaps the only thing more private than our dental condition is our finances. We provide a private area to checkout and have any financial questions answered. You will never have to field unexpected questions in front of a waiting room full of people.

Private consultation rooms

For a more in-depth understanding of your dental condition, Dr. Weber will discuss and present details in the privacy of a consultation room. This will allow you to ask any question you may have outstanding. This is also an ideal area to have more in depth discussion about financial options regarding treatment.

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Our Happy Clients

What People Are Saying About LYSDC

Dr Weber and his staff were excellent. I had a difficult extraction and they made me feel comfortable the entire time. He was genuinely concerned about how I was doing during the entire procedure. I've never had a great dentist, but I do now!

Kristy B

Professional and kind from beginning to end. And I was very pleasantly surprised when Dr. Weber called last night to check on me. What a gracious and thoughtful person he is! Almost took all the pain away 🙂

Betty K

I went in very nervous and came out very surprised! I had very little discomfort and was very relaxed!! Dr. Weber was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Desiree M