TheĀ Love Your Smile Dental Center Philosophy

Inform, educate and empower. Love Your Smile Dental Center is dedicated to helping patients achieve their ideal oral health. Our mouths and smiles are both private and public parts of our bodies. We want everyone of our patients to have healthy teeth and gums for life. We also want everyone to feel confident about their smiles. No one should feel they have to hide their smile. While we want perfection for our patients, we also understand that everyone has the right to make health care decisions. This is the reason we never place undo pressure on patients.


Understanding our oral health starts with a thorough exam. By taking time to evaluate your mouth, we get the opportunity to explain the current condition of your mouth.


Once we know the condition of your mouth, we make sure that you do too! It is so important that you understand the condition of your mouth so that you can make the best decision for you.


After you understand the condition of your mouth and the implications of this condition, the ball is in your court. We empower our patients to make the best decision for themselves. After patients gain an understanding of their oral health and its importance, most are reminded of the incredible role our mouths and smiles play in our overall well being and happiness. We will ALWAYS advocate for your oral health and your smile and will always give our honest opinion about treatment recommendations, but it is your mouth and your body, so the ultimate say always lies with you!

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What People Are Saying About LYSDC

Dr Weber and his staff were excellent. I had a difficult extraction and they made me feel comfortable the entire time. He was genuinely concerned about how I was doing during the entire procedure. I've never had a great dentist, but I do now!

Kristy B

Professional and kind from beginning to end. And I was very pleasantly surprised when Dr. Weber called last night to check on me. What a gracious and thoughtful person he is! Almost took all the pain away šŸ™‚

Betty K

I went in very nervous and came out very surprised! I had very little discomfort and was very relaxed!! Dr. Weber was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Desiree M