5 Simple Pleasures of Life

Getting away to LBI or the Poconos sounds great! In fact getting away from our routine is always welcomed.  But I have found life to be much more enjoyable if we take a moment to appreciate the small details in our daily lives and savor how enjoyable they can be.  Try taking a few moments to savor these simple pleasures:

1.    Taking a warm shower.

Its hard to think about what a luxury a warm shower is.  Heated, running water is truly a pleasure that can be taken for granted

2.    Taking your socks off after a long day

I might be a little biased to this one, but that moment when you free your toes from a long day being trapped is something worth savoring!

3.    The feeling of your teeth after you Brush, Floss and use Mouthwash just before bed

In my opinion, this feeling is one of the biggest motivators to stay in the routine habit of brushing and flossing, AND FLOSSING.  If you think brushing alone feels great, it will be a whole new level when you add floss (or other cleaners that get between your teeth).  Check out this blog post to learn why (make a hyperlink to how to properly brush and floss)

4.    Those few precious moments after your baby wakes up

Admittedly not every gets to enjoy this and even those of us who do, it only lasts for so long.  But enjoy those moments you have.  The pure joy in their face as they start a new day is better than a cup of coffee to start the day.  Soak it in as much as you can!

5.    The last bite of a soft serve ice cream cone

Again, my bias is to go to Leo’s Famous Yum Yum here in Tabernacle.  There is just something about that final bite!

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